by Rochelle Weidner.  The first one is unpublished, the others have appeared in various ezines and literary reviews.

Eve Leaves Eden
    This is what is known as an Alphabet poem. Not submitted, therefore, not published till now.

A voice sang out from a cloud.
But she did not turn around.
Clerks pointed at the window,
Dismayed by what stood outside.
Even small children cringed.
Fingering the shiny beads in her pocket,
Gaining strength with every step,
Hesitation was not an option.
Intention set on the future.
Just as the sun turned a shadow
Keeping the light from her eyes.
Little did she know that
Meekness retreated with strength.
New thoughts held power.
Old doubt fled.
Pushing forward into the forest,
Quiet reigned.
Resigned now to the end.
Standing so close to the edge.
Triumph within reach of her fingers.
Up above her, she saw the beginning of her new life,
Valued for her own strength.
When they looked again at the
X-ray of her heart. the
Yoke was now gone.
Zenith ruled.


Easy Happiness

Answering a knock on my door,
I found a young man clutching bibles,
and inquiring if I had found true happiness
I replied that I had,
And closed the door.

    (Published -  Gravity Magazine 4/98)

Peace, Man

I’m quick to run, hide.
Back away from trouble.
Being non-confrontational,
As the teacher said.
I only want peace,

    (Published – Gravity Magazine  6/98)

Walking the Crow 

I shall take for a walk,
The two-footed crow.
And watch the fast clouds go by,
Ignore the curious stares,
Endure the barking dogs,
The sight disturbs what they know,
About crows,
The crow doesn’t mind,
He’ll peer at you as crows do,
One eye at a time.
If he likes you, he may tell you your fortune,
For you know that he knows.
He’s the crow, after all,
And performed feats of magic,
Like catching the sun,
And keeping the west wind blowing.
I don’t know how long he’ll be here,
And I’m not sure when he arrived.
But now we’re content,
To contemplate the other,
While we decide who is the teacher,
And who must be taught.

    - Published  -  Snakeskin Poetry Webzine Issue 39, February 1999