Original Face 1

Original Face 1


Rochelle Weidner is a writer and an artist living in Oahu, Hawaii. Since “retirement” ten years ago, her involvement in all the things she thought she didn’t have time for before have resulted in publications in numerous literary magazines, acceptance into juried art shows, and becoming president of the Hawaii Watercolor Society.

She still questions the validity of needing an online presence, but apparently three billion Internet users, bloggers and social media joiners must be onto something.

So while she runs through watercolor paint searching for her personal Mona Lisa, and her fingers hover over the keyboard crafting the perfect story that someone out there will love and turn into a multi-million dollar screenplay, here is her website, with just a few thoughts, a few paintings, and some varied links to things she finds wonderful and enlightening and sometimes puzzling.


About the image here, Original Face 1:

In a new book* I’ve recently acquired, I read about the concept of creating art that utilizes the principle of Koan images. Koan is a picture or a statement that encompasses the contradiction of the world and helps us see beneath the surface.

The question is: “What would your face have looked like before you were born?”

So basically the creator meditates upon the face of another, or a mirror or nature and then in turn recreates the Original Face. 

It’s a challenge to create four images that express your essence; at least as you discard your preconceptions of what you may look like.

Here is the first image: Original Face 1.

*"Creating Abstract Art” by Dean Nimmer