About Writing:

While I still enjoy poetry and writing poetry, I’ve not submitted quite as often as I used to. Recently I submitted a poem to the Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards, and won’t know the results until the end of December 2014. I enjoy the short story format, and particularly the flash fiction format. Some of those have 500 word count limits, sometimes more.

My story, “Two Wrongs” won 3rd place in the Writer’s Advice which was 750 word limit. Here is that story for your enjoyment. An interesting aside, one of the judges mentioned wanting to know more about the characters, and that has prompted me to start a new story entitled, “Two Wrongs and Right.”


Here is "Freedom for the Spider."  Read more poems here.

Freedom for the Spider 
    (Accepted 2River View - February, 1998)  (Accepted for Reading – HoCoPoLitSo*) - Sunday, April 26th)
    *Howard County Poetry and Literature Society -  Chosen to read at Historic Oakland, April 26th, 1998 –
      National Poetry Month, Maryland Poet Laureate Roland Flint moderator

I think I will return for the black spider.
Trapped in the storefront window,
Pinned to slick cardboard,
It is much too big, very gaudy,
Made with cheap black
Cut glass.
Wide stalking legs,
And a big body,
But I like it -
And think it would
Make a fine god,
For the other spiders.


Publishing Credits

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Four Honorable Mentions in the Alfred Hitchcock Mysterious Photograph, flash fiction contest (not published)

http://www.diversevoicesquarterly.com/about/    My story in this publication is on page 65, Issue 9&10.  The magazine is a PDF.  "Message for Lea"